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Our Mission

WE ARE a MIGHTY people, having descended from a bloodline that survived unimaginable horrors that would have otherwise decimated all other nations.

WE are a people that STILL RISE, despite repeated efforts to BUILD INDEPENDENT INFRASTRUCTURES that have always been met with attacks from those whose perceived survival appears to be contingent upon the control and destruction of US.

WE HAVE an OPPORTUNITY to capitalize on this momentum and make long-lasting changes in the midst of current protests and outrage sparked by the deaths of Mr. George Floyd and so many of our other Brothers and Sisters. 




Our Founders

Juanita Profile Pic.jpg

Juanita A. Kennedy

Juanita has provided business tax compliance and consulting services to mid tier and Fortune 500 companies over the last 12 years.  She received her Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance from Clark-Atlanta University and her Juris Doctor from Northern Illinois University.


In the wake of countless avoidable deaths of our black brothers and sisters by police, and our black community's renewed energy around building and/or supporting our own, Juanita recognized the need for a consolidated and simplified black-owned business directory - thus The Black Community Shoppe was born.  

When asked why, Juanita simply responds, "I want to do my part in strengthening our black business network in an effort to establish self-sustainability within our black community."


Ashley Patterson

Ashley is a native Washingtonian and current Marylander, who is a proud HBCU alumna of both Howard University and Hampton University.


She has a passion for community activism and economic empowerment. Her driving enthusiasm for starting The Black Community Shoppe is to help circulate the black dollar within its community.


Her goals for The Black Community Shoppe are two-fold:

  1. help increase the economic value of products and resources sold by African Americans,  and

  2. expand the economic empowerment of minority owned businesses and services


Ashley Vincent

Always ready to help those in need, Ashley currently serves as a Case Manager at a private psychiatric facility and as a Service Coordinator connecting resources, housing, and/or in-home care to those who need it most in her community.

Ashley received her Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Psychology and her Master’s in Counseling Psychology. With these degrees she hoped to merge Counseling and Fashion; making individuals - specifically young black women - feel great both inside and out.

Ashley hopes that The Black Community Shoppe will provide an abundance of resources for US by US with the goals of:


  1. promoting unity among ourselves,

  2. reclaiming our purpose in this society, and

  3. promoting generational wealth for generations to come

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Maleka Watson

Maleka's entrepreneurial spirit is rooted in her own family's rich history in the field, affording her hands-on training in building and growing successful businesses. In addition to managing her own boutique consulting firm and her family's holding company, Maleka serves as Marketing & Event Coordinator for an Atlanta-based software company.


With 20+ years of consumer-centric experience in numerous industries from real estate to hospitality, Maleka brings her plethora of entrepreneurial skills to The Black Community Shoppe to help expose black-owned businesses to a greater customer base.


Tel:  (404) 981-2268

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